queenflyerfrontThis year marks the 5th Anniversary of Celebration of Life, an all day event remembering all of the Fallen Riders on 2’s in the central Texas region thanks to Queen LV and her club, Secret Service Riders of Austin.
It all began in 2007 when Queen LV’s club at the time hosted a ride and “Professor” of DTMOB seemingly loss his life during the ride.  This loss devastated everyone, especially Queen LV.  When no one in the motorcycle community had any specific plans of remembering the life of “Professor” on the anniversary of his death in 2008, Queen LV decided to step up.  It was later suggested that it be opened up to all of the recent fallen riders of the area along with “Professor”.  Since 2008, Queen LV and Secret Service Riders have been dedicated to celebrating the lives of fallen riders.  Ever since, it has been an annual event for all of Texas to join in.  Queen LV and Secret Service Riders recently won a Humanitarian Award for their efforts in December 2011 at the Swipa Awards & Scholarship Gala hosted by the Syde Swipaz of Houston, Texas.
In 2008:  4 lives were celebrated
In 2009:  7 lives were celebrated
 In 2010:  18 lives were celebrated
 In 2011:  12 lives were celebrated
On Saturday, March 3, the 5th Anniversary of Celebration of Life will remember 14 fallen riders.  This year on the agenda, Celebration of Life will start with a Celebration of Life Safety Ride through the hill country.  The ride will be followed with a Celebration extravaganza at Woods Fun Center with food, music, games, and raffles.  The fallen riders’ families will be presented with a memorial plaque.  A representative from Total Riders Motorcycle Training course will educate everyone on motorcycle safety.  The night will end with a Celebration Party at AMF Bowling Sports Bar with dancing to reflect each rider through fellowship.  On Sunday, March 4, there will be a farewell breakfast at the Host Hotel to officially end the event.
The Fallen Riders full color memorial booklet will be sold for $10 at the event.  This booklet will contain a picture of the fallen rider, club logo, city, date of their passing and a dedication poem.  A Fallen Riders Memorial Tower will also be sold for only $5.00 at the event.  All proceeds are divided evenly amongst each Fallen RIders’ foundation or charity of choice.