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Thursday, 06 March 2014 23:46



TBM had the pleasure to join Kendrick Brooks.  Kendrick is a prospect for DownAz Ridaz.  Kickstands were up at 2pm as we left from Chacho’s Parking Lot.  The day was beautiful and it was perfect riding weather.  Our destination – Wolfies in Conroe.  After an unfortunate delay of waiting on 59n,

Wednesday, 27 March 2013 12:50

rayIf you were to have a motorcycle accident or receive an injury from a motorcycle accident, who would you call to help with your case?  Ray King at King Law Firm has both the expertise and experience to take on every case involving motorcycles. Ray King is a respected motorcycle lawyer and fellow Harley rider of many years from Austin, Texas. Read all about the Texas Motorcycle Attorney and make sure he is in your corner.

Saturday, 02 March 2013 02:00

Erica D profile2From promotional eye candy at a car and bike show to licensed TABC bartenders...You name it and the Thunda Katz can do it...and even better!  The Thunda Katz Promo Team is an enterprise of beautiful models with the capabilities of promoting, modeling, bartending, and even assisting in simple hands on duties such as passing out flyers at all types of events.  Whatever you need at your upcoming event, the Thunda Katz Promo Team is available for booking to help make it happen at any event.  Meet one of the Thunda Kat team members from Houston...Erica Dargin.  Continue reading to get "The WORD" on Erica and find out what she's all about...

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big john

TBM FAM get to know BIG JON of Killeen, TX.  BIG JON is a member of Widows Sons MC.  Request his friendship, view his profile, and hopefully you will make a new friend.  


Get to know DUECES of Leander, TX.  DUECES is a Twisted Diva who rides a M50.  Request her friendship and learn more about her.  You never know, she could be your next new riding buddy.


The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) designated the month of May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  The entire month of May is dedicated to encouraging motorcyclists and motorists to “share the road” through safety tips, motorcycle education, and accident prevention tools. Continue reading...


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    5TH WARD WAY: What's Good TBM Fam? Lets keep TBM live and poppin...!!! Muck Love from 5th. Ward Wayne...
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    BigSweeny: What's up everyone!!!
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    FOXI BRN: Wishing everyone a BEAUTIFUL weekend. Take time out to tell your loved ones and friends how much they mean to you. #youneverknow#
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    Aphelion: Looking for a bike under $1000 ;)
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    busa44: 2114 for life. Ride it like you stole it!!!
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    FOXI BRN: Shout out to ALL my TBM Family, Mc family and friends. Hope that all are having a Peaceful week. Love Ya
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    FOXI BRN: Sending out some LOVE to my MC family. It's been a minute, hope all are having a good one.
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    solo rollin : Sending up the PRAYERS and LOVE for all my PHAmily and my Bikers...as I always say, "You pray for me, I will pray for you!"
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    TBM MODE: What's up TBM FAM! What'
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    LD: It must be pretty tough to have an active motorcycle/riding club for more than a few months. A lot of the cluns who have websites have info from 1 or 2 years ago. Is it only the hard core bikers that stay together?
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